for Adults


Anchor is designed to help adults (15+) discover or rediscover the Catholic Faith. It is specifically designed to help parents alongside their children's sacramental preparation.

for Catechesis


Anchor is a Catechetical program rooted in Holy Scripture and in Tradition, offering an integral discovery of the Catholic Faith, the Sacraments, the moral life and prayer. It anchors participants in Jesus Christ and in his Church. 

for the New Evangelization

Praying.jpgAnchor offers adults a kerygmatic proclamation of the Good News. It sets the conditions for a encounter with Jesus under the breath of the Holy Spirit. Silent prayer is an essential part of each Anchor session.

Anchor on Baptism

Anchoring you in New Life - on Baptism

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 Sessions  Professing the Faith Celebrating Baptism Living the Faith 
1   Gift of New Life  Water  New Life
2  Gift of Salvation  Renouncing Sin  Freedom from Sin
3  Gift of the Father  Professing the Faith  Gift of Faith
4  Gift of the Son  Rite of Baptism  Gift of Hope
5  Gift of the Spirit  Anointing  Gift of Charity
6  Gift of the Church  Light and Garment  Life of the Church

Anchor on the Mass

Anchoring you in the Faith - on the Mass

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 Sessions  Professing the Faith Celebrating Baptism Living the Faith 
1   Holy Trinity  Sign of the Cross  Vocation to Love
2  Sin and Forgiveness  Penitential Act  Confession
3  History of Salvation Liturgy of the Word 10 commandments
4  Incarnation Gospel and Creed  Grace
5  Cross + Resurrection  Eucharistic Prayer Faith, Hope + Love
6 Communion of Church  Communion Rite  Beatitudes

Anchor on Confession

Anchoring you in Happiness - on Confession

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Professing the Faith

The Human Person

Celebrating Confession

Living the Faith

The Prodigal Son

1   Created Names of the Sacrament Natural Law
2  Adopted Examination of conscience 1 Human Freedom
3  Lost Examination of conscience 2 Effects of Sin
4  Saved Act of Contrition Conscience
5  Called Penance Virtues
6  Blessed Absolution 4 Last Things


"In the 21st century, the Lord is calling the whole Church to the great work of 'new evangelisation', that is, helping every Christian grow in the knowledge, understanding and love of their Catholic faith, in order to propose and hand on that faith to others. This Anchor series is an excellent resource for doing this. I heartily recommend this series. May all who use it find the true Anchor of Life, Jesus Christ our Lord."

+Philip Egan, Bishop of Portsmouth

December 2012

The Anchor programme has been of great enrichment in the spiritual lives of the Christians and catechists in the Archdiocese of Bamenda. Made up of 6 sessions, Anchoring you in the faith (on the Mass) has helped to deepen the faith of most of our Christians. Most of the Parishes and Religious Communities where this programme has been taught there have come out enriched and nourished spiritually. It has given the basic elements that the Christians need and a good foundation to them to do the Maryvale Certificate/Diploma programme at the Maryvale Institute in Bamenda. About 800 christians including seminarians, candidates in Religious Houses, Religious, Priests and the Lay Faithful alike have been enriched by this programme over the last years. We render immense thanks to maryvale Institute Birmingham and the Dominican Sisters for all the excellent resources that they produce every now and then to help us deepen our knowledge of the Catholic Faith. Thanks to the Anchor programme, we have had an increase in the number of Christians who know why they go to Church and can explain their faith and even deepen it when the need arises. Every year in the Archdiocese of Bamenda about 10 parishes and 8 Religious Communities benefit from either the Anchor programme or from the Echoes Programme. We hope that the Dominican Sisters will continue with this great work of constantly updating us in our Catholic Faith and that through the Anchor programme we may come to know more about Christ and be firmly rooted in him.

Fr. Michael Bibi
Maryvale Institute, Bamenda Cameroon.

"The material and the pedagogical approach is excellent, engaging and gradually taking the parents to an awareness of being in the presence of the Blessed Trinity. The parents left very happy and with the impression that it had been really worthwhile."  A priest from Westminster Diocese

"I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for sound material in catechesis."  A priest from Hexham and Newcastle Diocese

A well planned Christocentric course. I have used this material in a prison setting for people who are rediscovering their faith through the Catholic tradition. The structure of the course through scripture, worship and life is extremely important to these people as it places their faith in perspective for them, it makes faith in God something which is an anchor for them as they rebuild their lives.

I have received very positive feedback, with people telling me that they are thoroughly enjoying the course. The content is just right for an hour and a half, and the language is simple enough without being simplistic.

The materials are beautifully produced and they were well-received by those who used them, both in Confirmation classes and RCIA. The parish is also using them as part of Baptismal preparation for parents.

I have learnt things which I never really understood properly or thought about.

I feel better equipped to explain certain aspects of my faith and the Mass to my children.

I highly recommend the sessions as they help us to improve our faith in Him.

l never knew the meaning of the Holy Mass. This course has helped me to participate wholly in Holy Mass.

Now I make sure I go to Mass, no matter what is on in my life.

The sacrament of reconciliation, for me, is a missing sacrament. The course has made me realise the point and value of the sacrament.

The course is well constructed and progresses with beautiful clarity.

Very helpful in being reminded (not only in the mind, but in the heart) of the basics of our faith – a means to help us to know our selves and God better.

on the Mass
on the Mass
on the Mass
on the Mass
on Confession
on Confession
On Confession
On Confession

Dominican Sisters of St Joseph


Anchor has been written and published by the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph based in Lymington, UK. The sisters' work is to teach the Catholic Faith, especially through catechesis and catechists' formation. This work is rooted in the sisters' common life of prayer and study centred around the celebration of the sacred Liturgy.

Maryvale Institute

Maryvale.pngThe Dominican sisters have produced Anchor in association with Maryvale Institute. Anchor is the fruit of Maryvale Insitute's rich catechetical experience. Maryvale is an ecclesiastical Institute providing distance learning opportunities in Catholic Theology, Evangelisation, Catechesis, Philosophy, Ministry and Religious Education at every level, including BAs, MAs and research degrees.